Features of Studying in Finland for Foreigners

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The quality of higher education in Finland and the uniqueness of the Finnish approach to learning are well known all over the world. Study in Finland for International students is characterized by an affordable cost, an interesting internship, as well as a democratic attitude towards students with any level of training.

Is education free for foreigners?

The state is making every effort to bridge the gap between the quality of education in various educational institutions, and even finances private schools that are fully controlled by the Ministry of Education.

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Getting an education in Finland attracts foreign students by the lack of tuition fees. However, only those who know Finnish at a sufficient level for education can study at the expense of the state.

At the same time, the cost of English-language programs is considered quite affordable compared to other European universities.

The process of admission to a Finnish university

You can enter a higher educational institution after completing the first level of education.

In most cases, education is conducted in Finnish or Swedish, but in large cities universities also offer English- and French-language programs.

If you want to enrol in a Finnish university and Study in Finland from Nepal, it is mandatory to receive secondary education and pass the unified state exam.

Of no small importance is the willingness to pay for training that is not in Finnish.

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How to choose a Finnish university

When choosing an educational institution for higher education, you should focus not only on the specialty, but also on such factors as:

  • low cost of education in English;
  • a fairly high scholarship amount;
  • availability of distance learning;
  • no need to present TOEFL or IELTS test results;
  • the possibility of taking entrance exams in the country of residence.

This greatly simplifies the admission process, and with the equal value of diplomas from Finnish educational institutions increases the chances of obtaining a prestigious higher education.