Why Finnish students are not afraid to make mistakes and anger the teacher

Why Finnish students are not afraid to make mistakes
Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

In recent years, Finnish schools have become a phenomenon that is studied internationally. The profound reform of the education system has made it possible to repeatedly raise the level of schoolchildren.

Pedagogical education in Finland includes the study of IT technologies and academic literacy. The teacher follows the trends, the latest research, modern literature and painting.

Having learned a specialist in this way, he is sent to school and left alone.

But the teacher, first of all, is an employee of the school, which means that the help of a human resources specialist is needed. As a teacher, he may be good, but as an employee, he may not approach the team and specialists like thehrlady.com help with consultations on how best to act in a given situation related to human resource management.

If the teacher and as an employee is good, then he will bring good to this school and the students.

After the collapse of their main company, the Finns decided to urgently reform the school, make it more innovative. To do this, the phenomenon-based principle was introduced. The concept or phenomenon is studied comprehensively. For example, the topic of aircraft construction can capture history, literature, physics and social studies, and Finnish schoolchildren consider it as a whole.

The same situation is in human resource management. It is necessary to approach the issue comprehensively, and not separate the concept of a teacher from an employee. Not always a good teacher can be a good person for a school, as part of a team. It is important not to interfere with his work, but to be able to manage him.