Main Questions About Excel

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Excel is a universal MS Office software tool, which is a spreadsheet with a set of various functions that simplify the work of creating, storing, analyzing, and quick calculation.

Many beginners tend to think that the purpose of this utility is only to compile and conveniently present information in the form of a table, but this is not so! There are an incomprehensible number of use cases, therefore, the higher the experience, the more applications you can find for it. You can easily learn Excel by enrolling in courses at Davinci School.

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What is Excel for?

The main functionality of MS Excel includes:

Presentation of lists, tables, databases and working with them is a function that is known today even to a schoolboy. The spreadsheet tool is ideal for creating professional plans or handy planners such as a weekly class schedule, marketing research plan, new project budget, and weekly vacation, party or cooking schedules.

Automated calculations of different levels of complexity. Even without phenomenal mathematical knowledge, you can easily calculate absolutely any budget from a simple home budget to a complex multimillion-dollar corporation. To do this, it is enough to learn the basic Excel formulas.

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Construction of diagrams, graphs according to the entered data. The application has a large arsenal of visualization tools, a set of templates for presenting information in an easy-to-read form.

Processing of results. Excel allows you to transfer, analyze and consolidate large amounts of data from different sources, which makes information processing more convenient.

It has tools for working with textual information, which makes it possible to create even complex reports.

Where is Excel used?

Initially, the utility was created with a focus on office activities. This is due to the fact that just a few decades ago, not all companies could afford a computer. And not all employees knew how to use Excel. Now a PC is no longer a luxury, but a commonplace, and no one asks the question: “why is it needed?”. In this regard, the spread of Excel has expanded its boundaries. Therefore, it is not surprising that some astute users use the program to solve household chores, for example, preparing a family budget, shopping plan, etc.