Taking care of your health

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Technology is developing at a breakneck pace.  This applies to every area of our lives, including health.  We will talk about this today in more detail. To date, there are wonderful devices called Pulsgurte.

What it is?

Chest heart rate monitors are devices that are worn on the body and help monitor our pulse. Such a device is more reliable and accurate, but less comfortable, since it must be on the chest during the measurement.

The principle of operation is based on fixing the electrical activity of the heart.  This is the most accurate way to date.  It is well known to those who have done electrocardiography of the heart.

Another feature of the device is that it captures the pulse and transmits the value to a compatible device.  It can be a sports or smart watch, a smartphone, a bike computer, an exercise machine in a fitness center, and so on.  From the screens of these devices, you can monitor the pulse and control its value.

What you need to know when choosing?

As you know, today there are a huge number of devices for measuring heart rate. Therefore, when choosing, you should look at a number of characteristics.

These include the goals that you set for yourself, the type of sport you plan to do, the intensity of training and the technical features of the devices.

The heart is the most important organ in our body.  Therefore, it is better to control it by well-understood brands with a good reputation.  In this case, you can promise guaranteed accuracy and durability of the device.  Recognized leaders, or have their own laboratories to improve the technology of fixing the heart rate.  Or use the technology of direct competitors.

There are three groups of heart rate belts: one wirelessly connects to a smartphone or PC, and the other uses a combination of two sensors that communicate with each other.  In this case, it uses a device on the wrist – be it a sports watch or a fitness band – that provides a wireless connection to a chest strap.  The third group is able to connect to both smartphones and PCs, as well as fitness bracelets and watches.  Communication with peripheral devices is carried out using a Bluetooth or ANT + channel.

Can they be used during sports?

When you are engaged in vigorous activities, it is also very important to control your heart rate.  Even if you use small machines like steppers.  If you want to know more about these machines, then you can view die besten 5 Steppbretter im Vergleich.