Your Chance to Make Your Dream Come True

Stanford University
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Often, choosing an educational trajectory for themselves, many applicants do not even consider the option of studying abroad due to the high price. There are a few prestigious research universities with an impeccable reputation that almost everyone knows about, and Stanford is one of ten such.

Stanford is a private university. Tuition is paid here, the cost of which, according to some sources, starts from $ 52,857 per year. However, any future student can set a long-term goal to study, and then work and even teach at Stanford. And all this becomes possible thanks to special resources, like Scholary.

The Stanford University has a system of grants including for international students. Stanford has a separate budget for financial assistance for foreigners. However, if you indicate at the time of admission that you need financial assistance, the university may refuse admission.

Stanford University hallways
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The university has various training programs in the chosen specialty for students of any level of training: bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, MBA program, Stanford Msx, PhD, Visiting Student Researcher. You can obtain all information from the university directly or from the source mentioned above.

You should take several steps for admission. As a rule, they are as follows:

  • Choose a training program.
  • Find out the requirements and make a training plan.
  • Take a language test and collect a package of documents.
  • Submit an application in due time.
  • Get a positive response and apply for a student visa.
  • Go to receive a foreign education.
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Most universities have scholarship funds with which universities help students finance their education. And you can also get a scholarship from a foundation linked to the university.

Believe that everything is possible if you take purposeful steps in this direction. Therefore, explore the topic of admission to Stanford University! Remember, there are many options at the moment for free or with minimal investment to get a quality education abroad, in particular at Stanford. You can study for free in almost any specialty: from art history at the university to financial management.