Comparison of Finnish and American education

Comparison of Finnish and American education
Image by Sima Ghaffarzadeh from Pixabay

Depending on the country to the country, both similarities and differences can be found in the Western education system. The main feature that unites all schools of this system is inclusiveness and focus on teaching the child independence, developing his individuality.

Finnish education is consistently among the top five. Basically, there are public schools in the country, and there are no elite or weak ones among them, the level of education is the same everywhere.

Students are not divided according to their abilities; an individual training and development plan is drawn up for each. Classmates in the classroom can do exercises of varying complexity.

Another popular Western education is located in the USA. Therefore, if you participate in the lottery on the and win a Green Card, then you can rightfully live in the USA, officially work, and your children go to public American schools. After 5 years, you will be able to become a US citizen. Getting a Green Card is getting an opportunity to get a decent job and a good education for a child.

In US, most schools are public and free, 90% of children study in them. There are no strict state standards and curricula in the country, they are set by the state authorities.

After all, after school he can go to university. And the USA is famous for its universities thanks to a good education system.

Both Finnish and American education is good and free, so you can safely move to these countries to get a good education.